Volunteer Opportunities

An hour here, an afternoon there and pretty soon you are hooked on the rhythms and activities of the Parks.  A state park is a complex system that has all the needs, and more, as your home, yard, and community.  Any skills you have to offer can be used to help preserve and manage these natural resources.   Whether it is making telephone calls, posting photographs, or brushing a trail your time is valuable to us.

Nature Center

Work at the Information Desk. Be a program presenter, event planner, artist, animal keeper or gardener.


Adopt a Trail and monitor on a regular basis: Hike it, pick up litter and help maintain it.

Historic Salmon Lusk Home

Give guided tours, work in the heritage kitchen garden or plan and promote fund raising activities for the kitchen restoration.

Resource Management

Participate in ongoing restoration projects, invasive plant eradication, controlled burns, and plant and tree identification projects.


Develop and present programs or workshops on wildlife, trees, plants or natural history.


Fit your own unique talents and interests to Park needs and design your own volunteer project.