Sugar Creek Trash Clean-up

On the gloriously fine morning of 16 September Greg Oskay, Brenda Brown, Aaron Douglas, Brooke Karle, and Alan Bruner met at the Turkey Run Canoe Rental in preparation for a morning of picking up trash via canoe along Sugar Creek through Turkey Run St. Park. This was a project of the Friends of Turkey Run and Shades St. Parks organized by Greg. The canoes and transportation were provided by Turkey Run Canoe Rental. We began at the Narrow’s Bridge and ended at the Cox Ford Bridge – a three mile trip.

The weather was near perfect with clear skies and comfortable temperatures. Creek level was low but only required dragging the canoes through shallow waters one time. Alan and Brenda teamed up as did Aaron and Brooke, while Greg manned a canoe that served as our trash barge. We were able to slowly drift along, stopping to walk the many gravel bars in search of trash – and we did find some! When it was all over we recovered the following:

1 truck tire

2 car tires

  1. tree stand used by deer hunters

7-8 sandals

5 shoe insoles

  1. air horn (aerosol can)
  1. large piece of carpet
  1. long braided rope

5+ beer bottles

5+ beer or cola cans

10+ plastic water bottles

  1. plastic inflatable swimming pool

and a variety of cords, ties, paper, styrofoam, wrappers, etc.

We couldn’t have picked a better day and the feedback from canoers observing us was very positive. Many thanked us for our work which gave us a chance to promote the Friends of Turkey Run and Shades St. Parks. In addition, a photographer from Outdoor Indiana magazine photographed us from the suspension bridge and at the end of our run. The photos may accompany an article expected to be in the January issue and will give our organization additional publicity.

Many thanks to Greg for organizing the activity, Turkey Run Canoe Rental for donating the canoes and transportation, and Brenda, Aaron, and Brooke for taking time out from busy schedules to clean our treasured Sugar Creek.

Alan Bruner


Friends of Turkey Run and Shades St. Parks