Invasive plant information

Have you ever wondered what plants are considered native to your area and what is considered invasive? IN PAWS (Indiana Native Plants and Wildflower Society), Indiana Invasive Species Council, The Nature Conservancy are a few of the places to get reliable information about this information.  Included here are 2 pamphlets concerning invasive plant species and a list of plants that are native to Indiana.


Bush Honeysuckle

morrowBushHoneysuckle1Honeysuckle is a big issue for Park naturalists and maintenance employees. In Turkey Run there is a section that is so covered with this plant it is referred to as "Honeysuckle Hell". Eradication efforts are ongoing.

For more information on this plant:  Honeysuckle

Autumn Olive


Autumn Olive is one of the invasive plants that Turkey Run and Shades deals with.

For more information on this plant: Autumn Olive

Callery Pear

 The University of Illinois Extension Forestry is encouraging everyone in the state to map Callery Pear.  This invasive is rapidly spreading across the state.  Currently we have documented escaped populations in 65/102 counties in Illinois be we are sure it is more widespread than that.  And, based upon the data in, we are ahead of the other states in mapping this species!  As we are asking everyone in Illinois to help fill out our map, I want to challenge the other Midwestern states to do the same!  Let’s build a single map that relays the true distribution of this species across the Midwest! ( Indiana reporters can use, our Report IN site.)
We’re asking everyone to report to or use the GLEDN app -
Christopher Evans
Forestry Extension and Research Specialist
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
Callery Pear - Ornamental

Callery Pear - Ornamental

Callery Pear - Invasive

Callery Pear - Invasive

 For additional information on this invasive; Callery Pear (Bradford Pear.