About Turkey Run

Turkey Run State Park

Narrows covered bridge at  east end of Turkey Run

Narrows covered bridge at east end of Turkey Run

8121 E. Park Rd. Marshall, Indiana 47859

(765) 597-2635

The natural geologic wonders of this beautiful park as well as its rich cultural heritage will leave you awe struck as you hike along its famous trails.  The dark green gloam of Eastern hemlocks nestled among the sandstone ravines takes you on a journey through the past; a time when mastodons and giant trees defined the landscape. A walk along stands of aged forests will afford you the opportunity to see the largest stand of virgin timber in Indiana.

From Salmon and John Lusk to Juliet Strauss and Colonel Richard Lieber, a long line of conservation-minded visitors have shaped this landscape and continue to do so today. Make sure to visit the Lieber Cabin, which commemorates the contributions of the father of Indiana's state park system and the historic Lusk home while touring the most visited State Park in Indiana.