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Shades State Park

The trek to Devil's Punch Bowl

The trek to Devil's Punch Bowl

7751 S 890 W, Waveland, IN 47989

Phone:(765) 435-2810

Shades State Park is one of Indiana’s best kept secrets.  It’s deep ravines, sandstone cliffs and views of Sugar Creek rival it’s more popular neighbor, Turkey Run.  At Shades less is more.  Less people, less accommodations, less camping sites means more peaceful hikes, better wildlife viewing and greater tranquility for picnics in the shelters.

Once described as Indiana’s most picturesque summer resort, the “Yosemite” of Indiana.  An early Shades brochure states:  “You will be fascinated by the wonderful rock formations, the rippling cascades, the deep gorges, the giant trees and the quiet of primitive conditions”.  What was true in the 1920’s still describes the charm and beauty of the park today.

Shades State Park offers about 11 miles of hiking trails, including a winding path from the main parking lot to Pine Hills Nature Preserve, another example of what wind and water can do to sandstone.  Most trails are rated as moderate to rugged.  Trail users must bring in what they need and take out what is left because there are no camp stores or vending machines on grounds.  Firewood is available at the gate house.