“A Place Called Turkey Run”

"A Place Called Turkey Run" will be the focus of the May meeting of the Friends of Turkey Run and Shades State Parks. Written by Daniel P. Shepardson, this celebration of Indiana's Second State Park, in photographs and words, is an amazing compilation of beauty and science. In each section: Sandstone, Bluffs and Canyons, Flowing Water, Snow and Ice, Tall Trees, Flowers, Ferns and Fungi; he describes the scientific factors that have shaped this particular part of Turkey Run and then illustrated the facts with stunning photographs. The reader can see that Shepardson is an educator from the simple language used to explain complex facts relating to the evolution of Turkey Run's natural features.
Dr. Shepardson is a professor of geoenvironmental and science education at Purdue, holding appointments in bothe the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. He is a nationally recognized nature photographer and author.
The Friends of Turkey Run and Shades are excited about this presentation and invite you to attend this program. We will meet on Thursday, May 18th in the Dogwood Room of Turkey Run Inn at 7:00 p.m.