Timberdoodling Hike – Postponed

Rain has always been a part of nature and sometimes that rain really messes with our plans. Drat!  Since we don't see any change in the weather forecast between now and the 12th, Timberdoodling and trail clean up has been postponed until March 19th. There is a time change happening this weekend so the times for the outing will be one hour later.

Trail clean up starting at 4 pm.
Cookout starting at 6 pm.
Woodcock watch at 8 pm.
Unfortunately Andrew will not be able to join us on the 19th for the amphibian walk. However if you are determined to see that, he will be out rain or shine on the 12th, unless there is thunder and lightening.
If you are able to come help clean up our beautiful trails and enjoy the cookout and walk with us, please let me know (AniaNailo@gmail.com). We want to be sure to have enough food for everyone!
Hope to see you all there!