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Dear Friends,
It is time again to commit to another year of support for the beautiful public lands we know and love as Turkey Run and Shades State Parks. Often under appreciated is the fact that nowhere in Indiana are there two such glorious state parks located in such close proximity. As Friends of Turkey Run and Shades we have the unique opportunity to give back a little in return for the special memories that we have of our experiences there.
Your support through membership is more important than ever as the parks’ budgets continue to shrink. Thanks to your past support we Friends enable the Turkey Run Nature Center staff to continue providing top-notch interpretive programs, conduct special events, maintain its nature library, and much more. More than 1000 park visitors per day pass through the nature center on any given weekend, spring through fall. Twenty-three percent of all interpretive programs presented in Indiana’s state parks are done by Barbara Tibbets and her staff at Turkey Run?
You also allow us to maintain the Lusk Home and provide funding for future restoration projects there as well as keeping the Lusk Garden a viable living heritage. Special projects will always come up and the support of our members, monetarily and physically, enables us to be “at the ready” whenever opportunities arise.
Turkey Run and Shades State Parks provide some of the best outdoor experiences possible and 2016 will be a test of our ability to handle additional demands as we help celebrate 100 years of Indiana’s State Parks. There are many special activities and events in the planning for which our help will be needed. We will also try to plan programs and activities just for the Friends as well.
Your participation as a Friend is greatly needed and appreciated. Please continue your support with a generous donation for your 2016 membership. Remember that dues and contributions are tax-deductible as we are a 501(3) © entity.
Al Bruner, President
Nancy Swaim, Secretary
Please mail to Friends of Turkey Run & Shades State Park, PO BOX 37, Marshall IN 47859 , with your membership information and check payable to:
The Friends of Turkey Run and Shades St. Parks, Inc.
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Please renew my membership for 2016 at the following level:
___ Student $5.00                      ___ Sponsor $50.00
___ Senior (60+) $10.00           ___ Partner $100.00
___ Individual $20.00               ___ Benefactor $250.00
___ Family $25.00                      ___ Conservator $500.00
____ Check here if you would like a receipt mailed to you.

Good season for Lusk Home garden

Last week a couple of volunteers came in spite of the drizzle and pulled weeds and did some hoeing , and cut the tall dead growth. We can consider the garden to bed for the winter. The rye cover crop is growing well. Thanks to all the volunteers and those who gave continuing support thoughts and interest. We will gather together in early next year, probably February, to plan what we will plant in the garden and where in the plots.

Beata St. Clair
I wanted to thank you all for another wonderful year at the Lusk Kitchen Garden. Even while you rested the interior areas, the perennial plants allowed us to continue interpreting the foods and herbs the Lusk family would probably have used, and the cover crop added a dimension we hadn't interpreted before.

We wouldn't even have a garden at the Home if it weren't for all of you. So on behalf of the park, THANK YOU for your dedication, hard work, and tolerance for heat, bugs and bunnies. That garden literally brings the 19th century alive for our visitors!

Barbara Tibbets
Interpretive Naturalist
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