Friends meeting July 16th

Please join us Thursday 16 July 2015 in the Dogwood Room at the Turkey Run Inn at 7:00 p.m.  for "Indiana's Wildflower Pollinators" by Dr. Peter Scott.  Peter is a retired professor in the Life Science Department at Indiana State University and has studied abroad, and traveled throughout North America,  Africa, and central America studying a variety of natural subjects.  He has a special interest in the roles played by wildflower pollinators.  Although honey bees are the most notable of the pollinators they are not the most important or most common.  His program will focus on the ways flowering plants attract pollinators, and secondarily on the insects that visit flowers, their lifestyles and foraging behavior.  Learn how some wildflowers rely on specific species as pollinators and how some pollinators give the ultimate sacrifice in the process.
We also want to invite you volunteer your services or participate in the Pioneer Heritage Festival at Turkey Run St. Park on Saturday 18 July 2015.
 Activities and crafts include:
Ice Cream Making        Cross-cut Sawing        Pelts and Skulls        Candle Making                                    Woven Bookmarks
Bee Keeping                  Cornhusk dolls            Knife Making              Homemade Laundry Detergent
Volunteers are still needed in helping make Cornhusk dolls and Bookmarks.
We really want to see you Thursday and Saturday!
Alan W. Bruner
Chair, Friends of Turkey Run and Shades St. Parks