Eagles in Flight Weekend and Silent Auction

The Eagles in Flight Weekend is the last of the month. We have talked about doing a drawing as our fundraising event, but as time has passed there have been some reasons to reconsider. One, we are not sure about the rules for a raffle, which is what we would be having even though it is called a drawing. If we did have a drawing/raffle then our audience is a little closed and we are uncertain about advertising to draw in more bids.

So we are doing a silent auction and a drawing. We always have a few items that do not do well in a silent auction item - Marianne’s art comes to mind. She has offered a piece and we are going sell chances on this in the hopes of testing the waters and of bringing in an amount that is closer to the value of the piece.

The silent auction will be scaled back this year. Our solicitor in general, Brenda Brown, has offered to go around and ask for donations from local businesses. Peggy has identified that all of the home baked goods go well. People bid like crazy for Jackie’s home-made fudge.

We are asking for your help. Please look around for things that have value but that you don’t want to dust anymore and offer us that item to sell. For instance Mike has offered a Galileo thermometer. I think Greg is making a bluebird house. Please remember that we have very young bidders who like to participate in the auction, too.

If you can’t find an item that you care to donate, then please bake cookies or make candy or bring craft items. My hope is that if we have fewer items, people might actually bid more.

As always, you can bring your items to the Nature Center any time in January, or bring them when you come to volunteer at Eagles in Flight…as long as we have them by Friday, January 30. I will be glad to pick up items as well if that is helpful.

Thank you,